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Very fortunate to be shooting with the crew from WHYBIN\TBWA , Thanks to Sam, Courtney and as always  incredible styling for Mr Jason Grant + Imogen.





What a great day…the best crew ever Bobby on Digi…Hellene assisting like a boss and

The very best of Clients …so easy to work with.  We had 12 shots to get through and we all pulled together

to finish on time with a whole new range of homewares for the guys at Trade Secret.



 behind the scenes


On a fine sunny day in Paris, we had the ideal shoot day. Starting in St Germain we walked to Luxemberg Gardens where we shot for most of the day before travelling to the Eiffel Tower and finishing by Notre Dame. Marine and Yoann  our models – gorgeously Parisian and perfect!  From the lady at the crépe van in Luxemberg Gardens (and the Policeman who was checking out what we were up to… what photoshoot..?) to the gorgeous man in the news stand in Notre Dame… they were all amazingly helpful and we had luck on our side. What a day… a huge thank you to Marine, Yoann, Celine and Marine for making our Parisian shoot a huge success.

The weather was not looking good, despite the outlook we went for it. As we drove towards our beautiful orchard in Bilpin the sky’s cleared and we had all hands on deck. Lara Hutton’s styling, Dave Granger’s hair and make-up, Claire Morris in Art Direction and Max Ralph assisting. Its nice to have such a satisfying result on the very days which looked implausible, and the kids had a ball picking the raspberries.


Once again another great day in my studio with the Innovations crew  shooting Harvey Norman Christmas.  Styled by Stav Hortis and her assistant Monika, and of course Rob (Digital)  and Max (assistant).

The thing I love about Chefs is their creativity. Grant King from Gastro Park in Potts Point was up for absolutely anything, we had liquid nitrogen + chairs on the road + roof tops… a very memorable shoot. I was also very fortunate to dine at Gastro Park a week after the shoot & the food is nothing short of exceptional !!

Spend a great day photographing Hamish’s  + his extraordinary food at Bar H  in Surry Hills.

big thanks to Raphaelle from spiral foods for her hands on assistance.

Had a great day with the Innovations crew  of Mara Cumurovic & Rodney Jenkins shooting a couple DPS for Domayne. The Chess set was 8m across & all hand crafted by Philip at Hotsets  (Ask him to built you the Titanic & he would say.. when do you need it?) Beautifully styled by Stav Hortis and her wizard of an assistant Monika, and of course Rob Soponja  my Digi tech wizard and who is often my second pair of eyes.

the studio is adjacent to the Australian Technology Park  just 2 minutes walk from redfern station, with a roller door for street level access + doubles as a daylight shooting area.

the studio has a 5 metre cyclorama + studio mono-blocks + soft-boxes + cambo camera stand. We also have a kitchenette + lounge.

the studio is for hire…please call for full and half day rates.

or just come by for  tea !~


finally a new all handcrafted and fully operational website/portfolio…phew! with quite a few late nights thrown in. This year has to be the quickest on record,  mid April already… where is the time going?  its been a year of travel and editorial work + as always keeping my artist clients in the picture.
Please feel free to let me know if you find anything amiss with the new site!
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